Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wellness Ready?

The Wellness Ready Equine Insulin Test allows veterinarians to instantly test insulin levels in horses without sending a sample to a laboratory. This stall side test enables veterinarians to immediately identify horses at risk of foundering and begin a course of treatment.

How do I get a test?

The Wellness Ready™ Equine Insulin Test is available to veterinarians at Horse owners, ask your vet to visit for more information and ordering. Vets, please complete the Account Application, or sign in to access the shop. Free standard shipping in contiguous US. International shipping is available.

How does it work?

The test is quick and minimally invasive. A vet will: draw a blood sample from the horse, run the simple stall side test, and read the insulin test results from the accompanying digital reader. 

In order to provide you and your clients with more consistent and accurate results we have implemented a change in protocol. Collect your blood sample in a purple top EDTA tube, transfer 4 drops of blood into the running buffer bottle, invert several times to mix and then discard the first drop of your sample before dropping 4 drops into the cassette sample port. Allow the sample to move into the field of view BEFORE placing the reader on the cassette and beginning your test for 15 minutes.  

How accurate is the test?

Please see the complete validation study. [Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, Berryhill, et. al., 2022]

How are Wellness Ready Insulin Test Kits shipped?

Our products are shipped from our warehouse in Lexington, Kentucky. During the summer months orders are shipped Monday - Wednesday with the exception of holidays. Test kits are shipped with a 2 day delivery in an insulated bag with ice packs. Overnight delivery is available (see pricing at checkout). Depending on the temperatures your kits may arrive warm or with melted ice packs. That is okay.  VETERINARIANS MUST REFRIGERATE TEST KITS IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT OF A SHIPMENT. THIS IS TO INSURE A LONG SHELF LIFE. See more in Shipping Policy.

Can veterinarians collect whole blood samples in the field and then perform tests back at their facility at the end of the work day?

Veterinarians can collect whole blood samples throughout the day for end of day testing. Samples should not be subjected to temperature extremes during transport.  During periods of extremely hot or cold weather, samples should be placed in a refrigerator or cooler with ice packs immediately upon sample collection. Whole blood samples should be allowed to warm up to room temperature prior to being used in testing. 

Can tests be run immediately after removing kits and/or blood samples from a refrigerator or cooler?

For optimal performance, both the test kit and the whole blood sample should be allowed to reach 59-86F prior to an insulin test being performed.  

What is the shelf life of Wellness Ready Insulin Tests? 

The expiration date of Wellness Ready Insulin Tests is 24 months (two years) from the date of manufacture when kept refrigerated. 

Is it possible to run multiple tests at the same time, such as in wellness exams for multiple horses in a single barn?

Yes, we have prepared instructions for use for performing the tests in “Quick Read” mode. This mode enables a veterinarian to perform multiple tests simultaneously rather than having to conduct tests one at a time while waiting 15 minutes for each test to develop. 

Do horses need to be in a fasted-state for testing? 

Wellness Ready does not intend to instruct veterinarians on insulin testing protocols or interpretation of test results. 

Can the Wellness Ready Test Reader be operated with batteries or a USB power cable?

We recommend that the Wellness Ready Test Reader be operated with the USB power cable that is provided with all new instruments. As a backup option, the reader can be operated with CR2032 Duracell lithium ion batteries. 

Do you have a warranty on your products?

The Wellness Ready Readers come with an 18 month warranty. Extended warranties are available, please contact us at for more information and to purchase an extended warranty.   Readers can be returned within 30 days of purchase if they are in their original packaging, there will be a 20% stocking fee. 

Do you allow returns or replace expired test kits?

We do not allow returns on test kits or replace expired test kits.